Jetpack’s Search module is a powerful replacement for the search capability built into WordPress. It provides higher quality results and an improved search experience; runs in the cloud; and has a public api for developers to run their own Elasticsearch queries.

This feature is available to users with a Jetpack Professional Plan.

You can use this module out of the box without worrying about configuration options or you have the option to fine-tune the sorting and filtering settings for your site search.

An example sidebar showing filtering on a test site.

Detailed Search Feature List

There are a lot of features in Jetpack search that make a great search experience:

  • Supports millions of queries across millions of documents.
  • Real-time indexing of changes to your content.
  • Filter searches by tags, categories, custom taxonomies, authors, dates, and post types.
  • Supports all languages with custom language analysis for 29 languages.
  • Sort by relevance or date.
  • Boosts recent content by default.
  • Phrase search.
  • Customizable search algorithm and an Elasticsearch Query API.
  • Transparently intercepts searches via WP_Query, for “search” style queries that are also the “main” query.

Enabling Search

To use Jetpack Search, you must be a Jetpack Professional subscriber. Once you’ve connected your site, go to SettingsPerformance in your dashboard, and enable “Replace WordPress built-in search with an improved search experience.”

What is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is an open source project for building distributed, scalable search engines. We power a number of our features using Elasticsearch instead of the MySQL Database that is used for most of WordPress.

Elasticsearch is a trademark of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries.

See our search feature page for an overview of the service.

How long will it take to index my content?

New and updated content is usually indexed within seconds. When you first install Jetpack, it may take a few minutes or hours before your content is fully indexed, but after that, the index is always up-to-date. If you are an existing Jetpack user, your content will be searchable as soon as you enable the module.

What content is indexed?

We index all WordPress posts, pages, and custom post types as long as the post status is one of ‘publish’, ‘trash’, ‘pending’, ‘draft’, ‘future’, or ‘private’.

Does Search have content limits or tiers?

No limits, no tiers, no hidden costs. All your content in real time.

How do I enable this in my theme?

Search works with WordPress’ own search widget, the search box in your theme (if there is one), or by using the Jetpack Search widget which can display a search box, sorting controls and custom filters that let your site visitors select category, date, post type and more.

You can use the customizer or write custom code to add search features to your theme, including our powerful filtering.

Does Search have any filter or action hooks?

Of course! You can find those on our developer page.

Can I use this for custom Elasticsearch queries?

Yes! You can send any valid Elasticsearch query (ES 2.4+) to Jetpack_Search::instance()->search( $query ) . Security restrictions apply. See the API developer docs for more information.

Can I search post meta and custom taxonomies?

Post meta is not currently included in the index, we plan to start whitelisting post meta from popular plugins in the near future. Custom taxonomies are currently in the index, but the indexing structure will likely change so we do not recommend them for custom queries.

I added extra filters to the search widget, but they’re not showing on the page – how do I get them to appear?

When you add an extra filter to the widget – for example, to refine a search by taxonomy – the links for taxonomy terms will only appear in the search widget if there is at least one taxonomy term for the given results. Results with zero matching taxonomy terms will not show the filter controls. This is to prevent user confusion by having redundant controls taking up space on the screen.

The search widget shown on the right is configured with Date, Post Type and Tag fields, but only the Dates and Post types are showing because no tags matched the results.

Where can I learn more about the API?

If you have questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us.

Privacy Information

This feature is deactivated by default, and activating/unlocking it requires an upgrade to the Professional plan. If you ever need to deactivate the feature, you can do so by toggling the Replace WordPress built-in search with an improved search experience setting in the Search section from Jetpack — Settings — Performance in your dashboard.

We use the blog ID in order to submit a visitor’s search request to the servers.Additionally, for activity tracking (detailed below): IP address, user ID, username, site ID and URL, Jetpack version, user agent, visiting URL, referring URL, timestamp of event, browser language, country code.

We use any of the visitor-chosen search filters and query data in order to process the search request on the servers.

We track when, and by which user, the feature is activated and deactivated. We also track when, and which, configuration settings are modified (and by which user), as well as when, and by which user, the Jetpack Search widget is updated.

We sync options that identify whether or not the feature is activated and how its available settings are configured. This includes the Jetpack Search widget.

Support » Plugin: Jetpack by » Error with latest JetPack

Error with latest JetPack

Since updating JetPack I have noticed some unusual behaviour.

First, in posts where I have embedded Tweets from Twitter, they don’t show all of the content. Like you can see on this post
Second, when I go to Posts pages, the Twitter and Google+ feeds don’t load. The widgets are the JetPack ones. The same widgets are used on the main page and they work but the exact settings don’t work on Posts pages.

Looking at debug I see this:

WebSocket connection to ‘wss://’ failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 403

This only started after the most recent JetPack update.

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

But then when I refreshed, I could reproduce the issue.

Looking at the browser console, I see an error related to Disqus, so I think the problem is linked to all third party resources on the page, including notifications as the error message you posted above indicates. I don’t see that specific error because I am not logged into your site so I don’t see any notification window.

Since Jetpack relies on that file to communicate with, you will experience issues with most Jetpack features, like Subscriptions.

That error message makes me wonder if there could be a security plugin on your site that blocks all those things at once. Do you use such a plugin? If so, could you try to deactivate it and see if it helps?

I do use All In One WP Security and have blocked XMLRPC.php from external access but do allow JetPack pingback in the settings.

If you use Jetpack or WP iOS or other apps which need WP XML-RPC functionality then check this.

I disabled the WP Security and same issue persists. I tried clearing Cloudflare and local cache too just in case, no luck.

Is there an IP range I should/can look at which WordPress/JetPack uses to make sure it isn’t being blocked?

I do use All In One WP Security and have blocked XMLRPC.php from external access but do allow JetPack pingback in the settings.

That setting does not appear to work right now, I’m afraid. I get a 403 whenever I try to make requests to that file from

Is there an IP range I should/can look at which WordPress/JetPack uses to make sure it isn’t being blocked?

I disabled the WP Security and same issue persists. I tried clearing Cloudflare and local cache too just in case, no luck.

Could you try to deactivate your caching / concatenating plugin altogether, and see if it helps?

Even tried disabling other plugins but same result. Obviously disabling Jetpack stops the widegts altogether. I even tried rolling back the theme and trying a new theme. Same result.

What I am seeing is if I embed a Tweet the widgets don’t seem to show and posts without embedded Tweets seem to work.

Also, I removed the block on the file WordPress uses and whitelisted the IP’s just incase.

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What I am seeing is if I embed a Tweet the widgets don’t seem to show and posts without embedded Tweets seem to work.

This seems to be a bit random; I can see the widgets on both pages right now. But when I refresh, the problem appears.

Could you let me know how you embedded the tweets? Did you just paste the Tweet URL on its own separate line? If so, you could deactivate the Shortcode Embeds module here to make sure Jetpack doesn’t interact with that embed:

Then, go to this page and create your own Twitter widget:

Copy the code that gets generated for you, and paste it into a new Text widget (in the Text view) under Appearance > Widgets. If you replace the existing Twitter Widget from Jetpack by this one and then try loading the page a few times, do you still experience issues? If so, we’ll know the problem does not come from Jetpack. If the problem disappears, that will confirm that the problem comes from Jetpack.

Let me know how it goes.

I embed the code direct from Twitter into posts and paste it into the text editor. I only realised WordPress could convert links to posts yesterday when I started looking into this issue 🙂

So I use something like this (I add the center tags to make it show in the middle.

The widget is the Jetpack widget with the ID but I tried what you mentioned and it didn’t show up with the Twitter code either. Again, shows up if there is no Tweet in the post but goes away if there is.

  • This reply was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by AccountKiller. Reason: Updated Tweet code list

I tried what you mentioned and it didn’t show up with the Twitter code either

Thanks for giving it a try. That means the issue is not linked to Jetpack itself.

I embed the code direct from Twitter into posts and paste it into the text editor. I only realised WordPress could convert links to posts yesterday when I started looking into this issue 🙂

What happens if you use a simple link instead of pasting that code? Do you experience similar issues?

So this seems to have cleared up somehow.

I did disable RocketLoader in Cloudflare so not sure if it was that or not as that setting was enabled for months previously.

Still, something changed and it all works again now. Thanks for the support Jeremy but it looks like you were right, it wasn’t Jetpack, at least not the latest version but not sure about the WordPress backend 🙂

Glad to hear you’re all set, although we’re not sure what happened. 🙂

Jetpack by

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Create and customize your WordPress site from start to finish. Jetpack helps you with:

  • Hundreds of professional themes for any kind of site
  • Intuitive and powerful customization tools
  • Unlimited and high-speed image and video content delivery network
  • Lazy image loading for a faster mobile experience
  • Integration with the official WordPress mobile apps

Marketing and Performance Services

Measure, promote, and earn money from your site. Jetpack helps you with:

  • Site stats and analytics
  • Automated social media posting and scheduling in advance
  • Elasticsearch-powered related content and site search
  • SEO tools for Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and
  • Advertising program that includes the best of AdSense, Facebook Ads, AOL, Amazon, Google AdX, and Yahoo
  • Simple PayPal payment buttons
  • Optimize: Activate Jetpack’s site accelerator to load pages faster, optimize your images, and serve your images and static files (like CSS and JavaScript) from our global network of servers. You’ll also reduce bandwidth usage, which may lead to lower hosting costs.

Security and Backups Services

Stop worrying about data loss, downtime, and hacking. Jetpack helps you with:

  • Brute force attack protection, spam filtering, and downtime monitoring
  • Daily or real-time backups of your entire site
  • Secure logins with optional two-factor authentication
  • Malware scanning, code scanning, and automated threat resolution
  • Activity: a record of every change and update on your site
  • Fast, priority support from WordPress experts

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  • Themes: Choose from hundreds of customizable, professional themes.
  • Performance: Free high-speed content delivery network for your images.
  • Apps: Update your site from any device with the free WordPress apps.
  • Analytics: Simple and concise site stats and traffic insights.
  • Sharing: Connect your site to social networks for automated social sharing.
  • Revenue: Sell products & take payments with simple payment buttons.
  • Downtime Monitoring: Get notified if and when your site goes down.
  • Security: Protection against brute force attacks, spam, and malware. On-demand backups and restores.


Automated Installation

Installation is free, quick, and easy. Install Jetpack from our site in minutes.

Manual Alternatives

Alternatively, install Jetpack via the plugin directory, or upload the files manually to your server and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need additional help read our detailed instructions.

Perguntas frequentes

Yes! Jetpack’s core features are and always will be free.

Should I purchase a paid plan?

Jetpack’s paid services include real-time backups, security scanning, premium themes, spam filtering, video hosting, site monetization, SEO tools, search, priority support, and more.

To learn more about the essential security and WordPress services we provide, visit our plan comparison page.

Why do I need a account?

Since Jetpack and its services are provided and hosted by, a account is required for Jetpack to function.

I already have a WordPress account, but Jetpack isn’t working. What’s going on?

A account is different from the account you use to log into your self-hosted WordPress. If you can log into, then you already have a account. If you can’t, you can easily create one during installation.

How do I view my stats?

Once you’ve installed Jetpack your stats will be available on, on the official WordPress mobile apps, and on your Jetpack dashboard.

How do I contribute to Jetpack?

There are opportunities for developers at all levels to contribute. Learn more about contributing to Jetpack or consider joining our beta program.


Jetpack is my fav plugin

Jetpack is must have wordpress plugin

Resource Sapping

Unusably bloated and unnecessary

Jetpack has nice statistics and beautiful charts

Breaks Fusion Theme Gallery Widget

Contribuidores e programadores

“Jetpack by” é software de código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin:

“Jetpack by” foi traduzido para 36 locales. Obrigado aos tradutores pelas suas contribuições.

Interessado no desenvolvimento?

Registo de alterações

  • Release date: February 14, 2019
  • Release post:

Improved compatibility

  • Publicize: update LinkedIn connections to use newer API, anticipating changes with LinkedIn’s API v1 on March 1st.
  • Publicize: display a message inviting site owners to reconnect their site to their LinkedIn profile.
  • Publicize: remove section in Settings > Sharing in the dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • Tiled Galleries: avoid errors when converting a tiled gallery into a block.
  • Security: ensure json_encode()d data safely output to the page.
  • Shortlinks: do not show Jetpack Sidebar in the block editor if Shortlinks are not available.
  • Sync: avoid errors in WordPress’ code editor, for sites using PHP 7 with fastcgi_finish_request enabled.
  • Release date: February 05, 2019
  • Release post:

Major Enhancements

  • Block Editor: introduce a new Gif block to help you quickly search and add Gif images to your posts.
  • Copy Post: this new feature allows you to quickly create a new draft based on a post that’s already published.


  • Block editor: update the way we check for available blocks and extensions.
  • Connection flow: display a notice upon connection when the site is suspended.
  • Contact Form: add more options to customize the look of the submit button.
  • Likes / Publicize: in the Jetpack Dashboard, add explanation to clarify the role of the features.
  • REST API: add likes and sharing settings to the REST API Post response.
  • Sharing: deprecate the Google+ sharing Button.
  • Sharing: deprecate the Google+ embed shortcode.
  • Shortcodes: rely on WordPress Core to handle SlideShare slideshow embeds.
  • Shortcodes: cache the output of the Twitter shortcode.
  • Subscriptions: remove obsolete polyfill JavaScript from the Subscriptions form.
  • Subscriptions: allow more customization of the subscription form’s submit button.
  • Sync: improvements to the synchronization of plugin and theme updates.
  • Sync: improve performance for sites using PHP 7, with fastcgi_finish_request enabled.
  • Sync: synchronize plugin and theme fatal errors reported by WordPress 5.1.
  • Widgets: deprecate the Google+ widgets.
  • allow the display of plugin action links in the plugins’ interface.

Improved compatibility

  • Lazy Images: fix a compatibility issue with themes that overwrite classes on html.
  • Contact Form: ensure contact form submissions with long words do not break the site layout, regardless of the theme.
  • Publicize: remove the option to connect your site to a Google+ account, in anticipation of the service’s shutdown.

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